Monday, February 02, 2009

Mothy Monday 1: Large Tolype

Large Tolype
Originally uploaded by ammodramus88
Go figure; I'm going to try to get myself back in the groove of posting to my birding blog by writing a moth post.

I first saw a Large Tolype at a rest stop not far from Sturbridge, Massachusetts. My cohorts and I were chasing (unsuccessfully) the Western Reef-Heron that was being reported from New Hampshire. I had just gotten my digital camera and had already had my interest piqued by moths, so I couldn't resist taking some photos of the moths on the side of a fast-food restaurant. It's a good thing that the manager (who came out to see what the heck we were up to) didn't call local law enforcement.

Then, a few days after I came home, I found a Tolype outside my door. That's the one you see here.

Tolypes are part of the Lasiocampidae, or Tent Caterpillar and Lappet Moths.

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