Monday, February 26, 2007

OT: Birds Don't Read Blogs, Either

Left: American Crow on ice just above the Great Falls at Paterson.

There's a birder truism to the effect that birds don't read field guides. It's usually invoked when some rare bird shows up out of range. Well, birds clearly don't read blogs, either. Why, on 3 February of this very year, on this very blog, yours truly said, "...the steady increase in climate warming suggests that [Ivory Gull] is one of the least likely vagrants to visit NJ in the future."

Fast forward to the end of the month and what should turn up near the Tappan Zee Bridge in Piermont, NY? An adult Ivory Gull, of course. (pictures from Phil Jeffrey here) Piermont may be in New York, but it is pretty close to NJ; if an Ivory Gull can reach Piermont, it can certainly continue a little farther and end up someplace like Liberty State Park. Please pass the crow.


Patrick Belardo said...

Well, you didn't say "impossible" so don't go chewing that crow just yet! :)

Jennifer Hanson said...

Hi Patrick,

Well, that's true, I didn't say "impossible," but I thought it was highly unlikely (to put it mildly). And for one to turn up so close less than a month after posting about it...well, I guess that just means it's still Ivory Gull season.