Saturday, August 26, 2006


This blog is nothing without sources. You can see some of them in the photo.

As posts on this blog accumulate, I'll be citing various other works. Some will be print works (books or journals). Some will be internet documents or photos. The internet material will be linked to, in typical blog fashion, but the print material is going to need a bibliography. The way I intend to handle this is to title a post "Bibliography," link to it in my sidebar, and update it as need be. The books shown in the photo will be the basic pieces of the bibiliography. Some are books that deal with NJ ornithology; they date from 1894 to 2005. Others are works dealing with the birds of neighboring states. Bird distribution in NJ cannot be considered without looking at nearby places such as New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and others. Especially in an area like the Northeast, where states are relatively small, one ignores what's going on in the avifauna of neighboring states at one's peril. At the very least, it can provide an excuse for a road trip.

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